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Should pregnant and breastfeeding women living with HIV with COVID-19 and their newborns be managed differently?

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See full answer There is currently no known difference between the clinical manifestations of COVID-19 or risk of severe illness or foetal compromise for pregnant and non-pregnant women or adults of reproductive age. Pregnant and recently pregnant women with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 should be treated with supportive and management therapies, considering the immunologic and physiologic adaptations during and after pregnancy which may overlap with COVID-19 symptoms. Data are limited but, until the evidence base provides clearer information, special consideration should be given to pregnant women with concomitant medical illnesses who could be infected with COVID-19. There are no reported deaths in pregnant women at time of publishing this information[17] however, COVID-19 testing of symptomatic pregnant women may need to be prioritized to enable access to specialized care. All recently pregnant women with COVID-19 or who have recovered from COVID-19 should be provided with information and counselling on safe infant feeding and appropriate IPC measures to prevent COVID-19 virus transmission[18]. With confirmed disease or under investigation, management is similar to non-pregnant women, with appropriate isolation of confirmed or under investigation. Obstetric facilities must be notified and prepared, noting that each infant born to any mother with confirmed COVID-19 should be considered a ‘person under investigation’ and should be isolated according to the IPC guidance. Currently, it is unknown whether newborns with COVID-19 are at increased risk for severe complications.
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